Social Media - Best Place To Socialize

It is a fact that people have different needs and different means of expressions. Some prefer to scream and shout. Some prefer the couch. Others use social media.

Getting online and sharing information has become the norm of the day. It is a fact that everyone leads a busy life. Not many people have to time to just pick up the phone and call

Social Media is one of the most popular activities for the day. People make it a habit to check different social platforms depending on their preferences. It could be Facebook or Instagram. It has become a way to keep in touch with people and try to find out what they are up to. There is no issue in posting personal snaps and talking about personal experiences because some people some solace in having an outlet for expressing it. Go to to see how you can transform your Instagram presence.

Social networking

This relatively new advancement in technology has been loved and appreciated by the masses. Social media tends to follow the communication process. Social media is a fairly broad term and it covers many websites. The interaction that takes place amongst the people using the platform is the main undercurrent.

Social networking is an important category of the social media. It is very popular. One of the most popular platforms used solely for the purpose of interaction and keeping in touch is Facebook. Other uses are to find out what people are up to in life. It becomes simpler to just put it on your page and the people who are following your profile will come to know what you are doing. It is an easier way to tell people what you have been up to than to make individual phone calls and send messages.

The advantages of Social Networking

The ability to stay connected

The reason why people join social media is to ensure connection with the intended people. Staying online gives you the opportunity to not only to keep in touch with current friends but also find people you have lost touch with. With a large percentage of the population a part of some social media platform or the other, it is easier to track down people from the past.

Find People

In this day and age when personal life takes a back seat because of career, it becomes hard for people to find good friends and life partners. The internet has become a good source of finding and getting together with people of common likes and passion. The social life is improved by forming groups with people of similar interests. Online dating has become very acceptable.

Fast information

The internet is one of the fastest modes of communication. People use this medium to contact people, provide data and receive feedback. If the recipient is online, the two-way communication is instant. Social media websites pass on information like wildfire.

Excellent promotional instrument

The social media platforms are an excellent way to ensure that the information reaches the right people. It is easy to target the audience who fall under the desired age bracket or geography. With other tools such as advertisements on television and newspapers, it is not possible to decipher who is at the receiving end.

Two-way communication

Online websites provide a two-way communication which is a priceless advantage. The response of the audience is received immediately. It can be said if the promotion has been a success or a failure.

There are a few disadvantages to social networking too.

Unable to verify source

Since the information spreads like fire, it is hard to establish the source point. No one stops to verify if it is true or false. The moment an interesting message is received and appreciated, the share button is clicked and it is sent again.

Negative impact on relationships

The smallest mistakes online have the biggest consequences. Since no one pauses to verify facts, it is easy to jump to conclusions thereby causing a negative impact on other facets of life.


Sometimes when the settings falter or the wrong people get access to data irrelevant to them, there is a sense of lost privacy.

The current generation has accepted social media as part and parcel of their lives. Regular updates, constant checking, and tagging locations are considered to be almost mandatory.